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For “Sharks” begins the season of hunting for free agents

“San Jose” has something to think about before July 1, the day of the release of free agents to the market. On this day, insiders of all stripes will announce loud exchanges, signings and extensions. In the meantime, we have time to reflect on what the “Sharks” is waiting for this summer.

First of all, they must take care of their own free agents and expiring contracts. The list of future unrestricted free agents “San Jose” is headed by Joe Thornton and Evander Kane. The contracts of the attackers: Joel Ward, Yannick Hansen and Eric Fahr also end.

“San Jose” in a good position in terms of free space in the payment for the next season. Despite this, Wilson intends to spend every dollar wisely, so that to maximize the team today without sacrificing its¬†competitiveness in the future. He will have to lay the groundwork, pave the way for sustainable success in the future.

Before hiccupping from outside Wilson and the “Sharks” will need to solve several internal issues.

Thornton and Kane:

The cornerstone of the franchise, Thornton held a 961 match for 13 seasons in the Sharks uniform, while Kane made a significant contribution to the club’s success in the short period of time he spent here after deadline exchanges. “Sharks” want to save both, but at a reasonable price.

Joe Thornton is so easy to do business, because the team is his first,” Wilson said on Tuesday when players took things out of the locker room. “His love for this organization and what he has been doing since the day he came here – that’s what makes him special.”

To the beginning of the training camp Thornton will be 39 years old, he will have to recover after the January operation on his right knee, the same he suffered 11 months earlier on the left. He has long been close to returning to the system, but his right knee still lacks power. Thornton expects to be 100 percent healthy by the end of the summer. His opinion is shared and the head coach of “Sharks”.

Thornton and Kane

August 2 Kane will turn 27, he is at the peak of his career. The attacker has an excellent chance to snatch a big jackpot in the free agent market. He understands this, of course. This is understood by the “Sharks”, it is understood by the teams that will fight for the attacker in the summer. “San Jose” hopes that the positive experience gained by Kane during the time spent in the team will convince the native of Vancouver that the South Bay can for a long time become his home.

The exchange here gave me an excellent opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the winners again, “said Kane, who was acquired by the Sharks from Buffalo on February 26. – I recognized these guys, the coaching staff and the organization as a whole. Of course, this helps to understand what the “San Jose”, the city and the fans are “.

Kane instantly lit a team that suffered from losing Thornton. He scored nine goals, scored 14 points in 17 regular season matches, and in his first playoff added to the asset four more goals and five points. “Sharks” won 12 wins (12-6-1) with Kane in the first link and for the 13th time in 14 seasons went into the playoffs.

In the match “Sharks” against the “Toronto Maple Lives” central strikers Joe Thornton and Nazem Kadri fought a second second, immediately after the face-off.

Hockey players did not even let the match begin, as they dropped their gloves and staged hand-to-hand combat. Thornton, being taller than his opponent, skillfully conducted the tricks, but the visit this page to buy tickets for sharks games vs maple leafs clever Kadri managed to grab the vis-a-vis his beard Рin the truest sense of the word.

The referees in time broke the ice riders. But the team Twitter “San Jose Sharks” showed that some of Thornton’s famous beard still suffered a fight.

Although later the club published a photo of its central striker, confirming that with their “beard for envy” in principle, everything is in order.

In addition to its luxurious vegetation, 38-year-old Canadian Olympic champion Joe Thornton is also famous for being the second hockey player in the history of the NHL among all active players (Yardomir Yagru yielding only to this figure). In addition, the bearded man is among the 13 hockey players in the history of the NHL, who made more than 1,000 assists in regular seasons for a career.

New contracts:


Wilson has already signed the best closing defender Mark-Eduard Vlasik (eight years) and goalkeeper No. 1 Martin Jones (six years) last summer a few months before the final seasons of their contracts. Wilson hopes to do the same with at least one of his players – the two-way center forward Logan Couture.

Couture is 29 years old, in the ninth season with “Sharks” he scored a record for himself 34 goals. In the playoffs of 2016 he was the best scorer of the NHL with 10 goals and 30 points. And the fact that he is a strong guy, confirmed the episode with the puck, which flew into his mouth. It took several unpleasant procedures to return Couture’s teeth. But, despite the pain, he very quickly returned to the system.

Limited free agents:

Three young key players – forwards Tomas Hurtle, Chris Tierney and defender Dylan DeMello – all achieved success this season, with all must sign new contracts.

Hurtle (24) finally spent the season without injury and scored a record 22 goals for himself, repeated the performance of the 2015-16 season with 46 points. A versatile striker can play both in the center and on the flank. Hurtle was especially strong with a puck, it was very difficult to select it from the overall hockey player, and in the face-off circle. In the playoffs, he went to the puck lot more often than others (182) in the team and won 57.7 percent of the face-offs after overcame the 50 percent mark in the regular season.

Tierney, who will celebrate the 24th anniversary of July 1, coped with the challenge thrown to him in the past offseason, and spent the best of four seasons in the NHL – 17 goals and 40 points after he was promoted to the center of the third link at the start of the championship. Tierney was awarded the opportunity to play in the majority, he was trusted in the minority, and in the playoffs raised in the top 6, when DeBuru needed a spark.

The 25-year-old DeMelo took advantage of his opportunity at the end of November. He made his way into the squad and finally became his permanent member. The defender confidently played in his zone, and in the attack helped twenty assists. He became an excellent partner for Brendan Dillon.

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